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Dry Storage

Spend the winter high & dry.

From personal watercraft to 75’ houseboats, Wahweap Marina is equipped to pull your boat for the season—using your trailer or ours—and store it for any length of time. Once dry-docked, it’s an excellent time to give your hull a thorough inspection and to take care of maintenance and repairs—so next spring you’re ready for an effortless season of boating. 

Long-Term Dry Storage:

Vessel Size Monthly Rate

  • Personal Watercraft - $20.00 flat
  • 12’ to 24’11” - $2.25 per foot
  • 25’ to 34’11” - $2.50 per foot
  • 35’ to 75’ with less than 12’ beam - $3.00 per foot
  • 35’ to 75’ with 12’ to 14’11" beam - $3.50 per foot
  • 35’ to 75’ with 15' to 16’ beam - $4.00 per foot
  • 35’ to 75’ with 16’+ beam - $4.50 per foot
  • Boat Trailer Storage - $32.00 flat rate
  • Indoor Storage - $6.00 per foot plus tax
  • Annual Discount 11 months & 1 month free
  • Block Deposit $13 per block

*Prorates- Before the 15th, charge prorates & deposit. After 15th add first month. 


Vessel Size Weekly Rate

  • Up to 27’ $50
  • More than 27’ $100 

Transportation with your own trailer:

Vessels on trailers must be properly licensed and must meet DOT safety requirements.

Vessel Size Per Half Hour

  • PWC to 27’ $30
  • 27’1” to 34’11” $50
  • 35’ and above $75


Vessel Size Per Half Hour

  • Under 75’ long $6 per foot
  • At or over 75’ long and 18’ wide $10 per foot
  • Per Half Hour
  • Blocking $99 per hour
  • Equipment $250 per hour, first hour free

**Transports to surrounding area will be quoted based on permit and pilot car fees


Procedure for Transport of Private Vessels:

To ensure a great boating season on Lake Powell, we would like to help you prepare for safe and trouble free launch and retrieval service.  As a commercial motor carrier, Aramark is regulated by US Department of Transportation federal laws. Operating in the park, we also follow rules and regulations of the National Park Service. The following are policies and procedures for launch and retrieval by Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas: 

Before a vessel or trailer can be transported by Aramark, the following items will be inspected:

  1. Overall Condition of Trailer – Must be free of any major damage.
  2. Running Gear – Condition of tires, wheels, lug nuts, bearing buddies and wheel bearings.
  3. Trailer Lights – Operable, condition of wiring harness and plug end.
  4. Vessel Properly Secured – Bow strap secured, outdrive in upward position.
  5. License Plate – Current registration and properly mounted.
  6. Detachable Items Secured – Spare tire, sideboards, etc.
  7. Break Away Mechanism – Cable & insert in working order if equipped.
  8. Trailer Hitch – Free of damage and in proper working condition.

If any damage or mechanical issues are found, repairs must be made before transport of the vessel. Information on trailer repair facilities is available through the Dry Storage Office. 

The State of Utah & the National Park Service do not permit passengers to ride in the vessel between Dry Storage and the top of the launch ramps. Tow vehicles are crew cab trucks to help accommodate. In the event we cannot handle all of your crew, we will make arrangements for transport.

Current trailer registrations are required. There must be a plate with a current or permanent tag in place. The only exception in this case, is the State of Utah does not require registrations for trailers with a single axle.

Please contact your applicable Dry Storage Office to arrange for your launch & retrieval services.

Houseboats & Cruisers without Trailers:

Need your boat pulled for maintenance, repairs and surveys but don’t have the trailer? Give us a call and we will make the arrangement for you! With access to our own fleet of trailers and in cooperation with a third party provider, we can pull most vessels moored in Lake Powell. Rates are based on the size and hull design of the vessel.

Visit us at the Marine Service Center located near Stateline Launch Ramp or give us a call at 928.645.1030.

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Note: Your email message will be sent to WahweapGeneralInfo@lakepowellmarinas.com.

If you prefer another communication option, we offer more ways for you to reach us: Contact Wahweap Marina.


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