Clean Marine

Clean Marina Graphic

Protecting the environment is one of our biggest priorities at Lake Powell. As an operator of services in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, we recognize the unique opportunity we have to promote environmental sustainability.

Aramark’s Environmental Sustainability platform Green Thread, which symbolizes our approach to weave environmental sustainability into everything we do.  The Clean Marine program supports the goals of Green Thread, especially waste management and efficient operations.

The Clean Marine program is an alliance of marinas, yacht clubs, and boat yards that follow best-management practices designed to keep facilities clean and reduce environmental footprint.  Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas is the first organization to certify four marinas in one day with Dangling Rope, Hall’s Crossing, and Bullfrog are also the first marinas in the state of Utah to receive certification.

Our marinas were scored across several different categories. These include:

  1. Emergency Preparedness
  2. Petroleum Containment
  3. Topside Boat Maintenance & Cleaning
  4. Marina Operations
  5. Marina Debris
  6. Boat Sewage Discharge
  7. Solid, Liquid, Fish, and Hazardous Waste Management
  8. Storm Water Runoff